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The Notable Value Venture capitalist


Welcome to the online home of 8170 GROUP. A diversified Holdings company whose operations are to grow and create businesses that can generate a lasting and sustainable cash flow. We’re pursuing opportunities in order to build a diverse range of operating subsidiaries across a number of industries which will include Laundromats, Logistics, Telecommunications, and other segments. Founded in 2018, 8170 Group is headquartered in Katy, TX.

Company Goals

1. Provide the best and most reliable business services. 

2. Provide the highest quality business solutions.

3. Research, revolutionize, be imaginative, adaptive, and intellectual to adjust to the variations in our business environment.

4. Run an exceptional business, and be an incomparable place for people to work.

5. Be a company that provides exceptional customer service.

6. Be a valued part of the communities that we do business in.

What We Do


The laundromat business is a unique combination of stability, flexibility and profitability. Our company invests in the laundromat business. We have a team of dedicated laundry experts that know every step of the process from location selection analysis and beyond.

About The Owners


A Graduate of Houston's HBCU Texas Southern University with a BBA in finance. She is experienced to make informed predictions and forecasts about insurance and investments. Roxanne started her finance career in 2013 at J.P. Morgan Chase. She has also gained practical and theoretical knowledge of various financial components, such as investments, financial management, corporate finance and international finance. 


Jake has over 25 years of work experience in the hospitality industry and is well versed in customer service. Previously the Executive Director of a local nonprofit organization overseeing the hiring, managing, and training of staff, finding innovative ways to increase fundraising programs, and the managing the day to day operations.

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